Three Places Where You Can Cut Home Insurance Costs

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Home insurance is well worth the cost, even though you hope you never have to use it, because it gives you peace of mind. It is possible to lower your insurance costs by managing three different categories in your home – security, safety, and prevention. A few minor upgrades in these categories can lead to major savings on your annual premium.


Increasing the security around your home is a sure way to help lower your annual homeowner's insurance bill. You have several options for improving the security of your home. These include:

  • Install deadbolt locks on your existing exterior doors.

  • Upgrade from wood to metal doors and frames.

  • Add an alarm system to your home.

  • Place security cameras around your property.

There are security upgrades available for almost any budget.

In some cases, you can even lower your cost by moving high-value items, like jewelry, to a safe-deposit box. Although your policy will still cover these items if theft does occur, they may lower your insurance rates since the valuable items are stored in a more secure location.


Safety of the structure and your belongings is a key component in figuring out the cost of your policy. Living near the fire hydrant or a fire department is one way to lower your insurance costs, but not a way you have control over once you have purchased your home.

Instead, install smoke detectors throughout your home. Some insurance companies will even provide free or low-cost detectors. Sprinkler systems or monitored security systems that also monitor for fire are other ways to lower the insurance price.

Some changes to your property may also lower your insurance costs. For instance, skip the pool and trampoline. These pose a safety and lawsuit concern for you, which make you a bigger liability for insurance companies like Parker Insurance Agency, so your home insurance sky rockets. In areas where wildfires are an issue, your landscaping may also affect the cost of your policy.


Some updates to your home protect it from future problems, so your insurance company will give you a discount for having them done. For example, updating your plumbing systems can help prevent costly floods and burst pipes. A new roof is usually warrantied by the contractor, and it cuts down on water leak risks, so your insurance goes down. Updating your electrical wiring or breaker boxes lowers the risk of fire, so you can receive yet another discount on your insurance and enjoy a safer home.


4 June 2015

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