Do You Know What Your Standard Homeowner's Policy Covers?

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Many homeowners purchase standard insurance coverage for their house and property without taking a close look at their policy. In the event your home or property is damaged, knowing if you can make a claim against your policy is important. Learn more about making claims against your standard homeowner's insurance policy.

Looking At A Standard Part Of Your Policy

If you purchase a standard homeowner's insurance policy, it will more than likely only cover unintentional hazards like high winds during storms, fire and smoke and most forms of vandalism. Your standard policy may also cover your furniture plus personal property, like your clothing and dishes. If you have an outdoor shed, your standard policy should cover it as well.

A Standard Policy Will Cover Accidents On Your Property

Most standard policies will cover the medical expenses and other losses someone may incur in the event they have an accident on your property. However, the coverage for these kinds of accidents is only up to certain amount. Discuss with an agent, from a company like United Security Agency, about how you might add additional coverage in case someone falls and gets hurt on your property.

The Importance Of Limiting The Number Of Claims You Make

Be careful how many claims you make to your insurance company. If you make too many claims, you could lose your coverage and have a hard time getting new coverage elsewhere. Choose a higher deductible so when little things happen around the house, you will not be tempted to claim on your insurance policy. For example, if your front door is scratched because the neighbor's kid had his bike on your porch and it fell into the door, repairing it yourself can be cheaper in the long run. You should only make claims if they are too expensive to repair on your own. The fewer claims you make, the lower your premiums will be while also helping to guarantee you keep coverage.

Damages Your Standard Policy May Not Cover

The most important reason to know what is in your homeowner's policy is to learn what it does not cover. In some cases, you may want to add coverage. One example is if you have someone come to your home to make a repair. If that person causes damage, you may end paying for it out of your pocket if that person does not carry liability insurance because most standard policies do not cover this type of damage. If your home is damaged by an action taken by the government, your standard policy will not cover it as well. Learn more about the additional coverage you may need by contacting your insurance agent today.


13 August 2015

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