Understanding Homeowner's Insurance

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If you own a home or are looking to own a home, then you are probably familiar with homeowner's insurance. However, you might not be exactly clear on why it is so important. To help you out, here is a breakdown of the subject:

What is homeowner's insurance?

Just as automobile insurance will ensure that you have sufficient money to cover repairs to your car, homeowner's insurance ensures that you have sufficient funds to cover repairs to your home after it suffers damage. Unlike auto insurance, homeowner's insurance is not usually mandated by the government. Although it is not recommended, you may own a home without insurance.

The most important thing to know about homeowner's insurance is that there are different types of coverage that you will need to consider, depending on where you live.

What are the different types of homeowner's insurance?

  1. Dwelling Fire Form - The simplest form of coverage, this type covers fires, smoke, storm damage, and vehicular and explosive damage. Only damage directly to the house will be covered. This means that you are out of luck if your belongings were damaged or if you were injured.
  2. Basic - This type is a little more comprehensive, and covers the same damage as the above form. Additionally, basic coverage will help you deal with theft and vandalism. Most importantly, a basic plan will extend the coverage to your belongings in the house.
  3. Broad - Again, this type contains all of the above hazards, plus a few extra. Damage from falling trees, the weight of snow/ice, and plumbing and HVAC malfunctions are covered under a broad plan.
  4. Special - Finally, the special classification covers almost all types of damage, except for a few named exceptions. Depending on the exact policy, it might not protect you against floods, earthquakes, or nuclear damage.

Why do you need homeowner's insurance?

Now, the most important question is why you actually need insurance for your home. The obvious answer is that you want to be protected and you don't want to pay for incredibly expensive repairs in the event of a disaster.

However, the more likely reason that you need homeowner's insurance is that you have taken a mortgage on your home. Since a mortgage is basically a loan with your home taken as collateral, your bank wants to have some assurance that your home is safe. Therefore, most mortgages require that you have some sort of homeowner's insurance in place. Contact a company like Coast Comp Insurance Agency for more information.


29 August 2015

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