Tips For Buying Your New Teen Driver A Vehicle That Is Affordable To Insure

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Adding your teenager to your automobile insurance policy can be expensive. While surprising to hear, your new teen driver can increase your insurance premiums by 80 percent. Of course, this increase is necessary to protect your vehicle and your new driver, but safe driving and responsible decisions will prevent further increases due to tickets and accidents.When buying your new teen driver a vehicle, focus on safety and not the vehicle's appearance. Using this shopping guide, you can buy an appealing, safe, and affordable-to-insure vehicle for your new, inexperienced teen driver.


Smaller cars, such as sports coupes, may be fun to drive, but they do not offer protection in a collision. Unfortunately, larger vehicles may be difficult for an inexperienced driver to handles, so choosing a mid-size option is best. Consider a 4-door sedan or mini-van for safe handling. In addition, a crossover vehicle is an affordable vehicle to insure. Thankfully, it also offers a design that appeals to teens.


Driving from one point to another does not require a high-powered motor that may increase your teen's interest in speeding. Choose a standard 4-cylinder engine for your teen, which is sufficient for driving to work, school, and home.


Your teen may dream of a brand new, luxury sport's car for their 16th birthday, but newer vehicles are more costly to repair. In addition, replacing damaged parts on these vehicles may be more expensive. Due to these issues, insuring newer vehicles will be more expensive.

You may worry about the reliability of an older, used car, but finding a middle-aged option is a smarter decision for your insurance and repair costs.


Technology is on the rise, and you many vehicles offer unique features as a standard option. These features will appeal to your tech-savvy teen and help them drive in a safer manner. Be sure your teen's vehicle has the following:

  • Anti-Lock Brakes – Ensures your teen remains in control of the vehicle if they need to brake the vehicle in an emergency.
  • Cruise Control – Cruise controls allows your teen to set their speed, reducing the risk of speeding.
  • Bluetooth – Bluetooth capabilities are imperative for your teen driver. The hands-free connection allows them to receive calls without picking up their phones while operating the vehicle.

Your teen will be excited to get on the road, but you must invest in proper insurance. For more information, contact Martin Insurance Company or a similar organization.


9 March 2016

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