Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Your Firearms?

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Firearms are a popular investment. Not only can they be used to protect your family, hunt for food and just to enjoy shooting at the range, in many cases, the value of the firearms increases over time. If you have an extensive collection of firearms, or very valuable firearms in your home, do you know if your homeowners insurance will cover the cost of replacing them if they were to be lost in a fire or stolen?

17 July 2015

A Guide To Getting Your Insurance License

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If you are involved in any business that sells insurance, then you will need to go through a somewhat lengthy process to gain an insurance license. The process can be a little convoluted, so here is a breakdown of exactly what you need to do: What is an insurance license? In order to sell life, auto, home, or any other type of insurance, you must have a very specific license: an insurance license.

23 June 2015

3 Ways To Avoid Expensive Auto Insurance

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Do you drive a car that isn't worth much in value? If so, deciding on an insurance policy may be difficult to do, especially if you are on a budget. Owning a car that isn't worth a good amount of money isn't a car you likely want to spend too much money on each month for insurance coverage. Well, if this is the case, there are some insurance coverages and options you can take advantage of, such as the following:

19 June 2015

Three Places Where You Can Cut Home Insurance Costs

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Home insurance is well worth the cost, even though you hope you never have to use it, because it gives you peace of mind. It is possible to lower your insurance costs by managing three different categories in your home – security, safety, and prevention. A few minor upgrades in these categories can lead to major savings on your annual premium. Security Increasing the security around your home is a sure way to help lower your annual homeowner's insurance bill.

4 June 2015

Two Tips To Help You Select The Right Insurance Company For Your Business

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In many ways, the insurance company that you choose to protect your business is even more important than the insurer that you cover your personal property with. A lawsuit waged by an unhappy client can wreak havoc on your company's bottom line, making it vital that you select your business insurer very carefully. While it is certainly quite easy to go online and perform a quick search for a business insurer, you may not know exactly what to look for.

18 May 2015

How To Stay Safe With Auto Insurance While Traveling Abroad

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Driving in a foreign country can be an exciting experience, but it also requires some effort in order to stay safe. Keeping in mind the policies of your auto insurance provider is just the start, as you'll want to look into how to avoid accidents and stay protected while on the road with the following tips. Contact Your Insurance Company Before leaving on any overseas trip where you intend on driving, make sure to notify your insurance company.

29 April 2015

Little Known Risks That Your Standard Homeowners Insurance Policy May Not Cover

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When people discuss risks that standard homeowners' insurance policies may not cover, they mostly dwell on natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. However, you aren't safe yet if you have bought additional coverage for these issues because there are other little-known risks that tend not to be covered too. Examples include: Pests According to bankrate.com, insurance companies consider pest infestation as a maintenance issue, which are not usually covered. Therefore, if rodents infest your house, chew on your electrical wires and damage your electronics, you shouldn't expect compensation from your carrier.

14 April 2015

Homeowner's Insurance Coverage For Your Swimming Pool

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Although homeowner's insurance usually won't pay for damages to an in-ground swimming pool in your backyard, your policy's personal liability coverage should pay medical costs for anyone other than a household member who may get injured in the pool. Even then, certain stipulations or exclusions typically apply. With drowning the fifth leading cause of accidental death each year for individuals of all ages, you need to know if your homeowner's coverage from a place like Bell Insurance Inc extends to your swimming pool.

31 March 2015

Surety Bonds: What Every Project Owner Should Know

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Surety bonds are a guarantee that a large construction project will be completed, even if the construction company working on that project (called the principal) defaults on its obligations. Knowing and understanding the details of the surety bond for your large project will ensure that your project is completed in the manner promised to you. Different Types of Surety Bonds Offer Different Types of Protection There are different types of surety bonds that ensure principal performance in different ways.

16 March 2015

New To Renting? Know What To Insure And What Not To Insure

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If you're moving into a rental home, you have a lot on your mind and a lot going on. How to set up your furniture, buying food and toiletry supplies are just a few of the items on your list of things to do. One task that you must remember to do is purchasing renter's insurance. Most insurance companies only charge a nominal fee, so this is a wise decision. This guide explains what you need to insure and what you don't need to insure because it is covered by the owner of the home.

26 February 2015