A Guide To Getting Your Insurance License

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If you are involved in any business that sells insurance, then you will need to go through a somewhat lengthy process to gain an insurance license. The process can be a little convoluted, so here is a breakdown of exactly what you need to do:

What is an insurance license?

In order to sell life, auto, home, or any other type of insurance, you must have a very specific license: an insurance license. These licenses are only valid in the state in which they were acquired, so you cannot get an insurance license in California and sell insurance in Nevada. However, there are specific agreements between certain states that allow easier licensing processes if you already have an insurance license in a sister state.

Since the licenses are unique to each state, each state has specific requirements for acquiring these licenses. Some require a series of difficult and lengthy tests on top of a great deal of documentation while others are much simpler and more streamlined. However, every state will require that you take some sort of test to get your license. These are referred to as insurance license exams.

What is an insurance license exam?

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to create a single unifying explanation that is of any value because they differ so greatly from state to state. You can expect to answer a series of questions about the specific regulations surrounding insurance in that state, along with general questions about the federal role of insurance. Because these tests are so specialized and depend so much on the state in which you take them, there are a large of number of businesses and websites that have risen to prominence as licensing aids. These businesses offer a variety of courses, practice tests, and personalized help to ensure that you pass your test.

How to prepare for the insurance license exam

There are two main ways to go about preparing for an insurance license exam.

First of all, you can study the laws of your state regarding insurance. Your state government website should include some information to help you out, but it can often be arcane and incomprehensible.

The second option is to hire a private business to help you study for the exam. This is doubly useful because these businesses are both intimately familiar with the tests in question and have a deep knowledge of the laws that are being tests. Not only can they help you learn how to pass the test, but they can also help you learn all the relevant laws with important context.


23 June 2015

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