Car Insurance 101: How To Protect Yourself After A Speeding Ticket

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Everyone makes mistakes, and speeding is something many people do. It could be something minor like being just over 10% of the allowed speed or it could be something more dangerous. Whatever it is, it could affect your car insurance. To make sure you're protected, here are three things that you can do.

Know Where the Information Goes

The first thing to understand is that the police won't send the information about speeding directly to your insurance company. Only 31% of people who received a speeding ticket saw their insurance quotes go up. That was likely due to their insurance companies choosing to check the Motor Vehicle Record (MVR).

CNBC states it costs $27 to check this record. Most insurance companies are not going to bother, so won't know that you've been caught for speeding. You don't want to assume this is true and rely on it, but if you don't see an increase in your insurance rate, you'll know that this is the reason why.

Take a Safe Driver Course

If your insurance company does see the speeding ticket(s) on your record, don't despair. Yes, it's true that your insurance company will increase your rate if you're viewed as a higher risk driver. By speeding, you're not being safe and may be more likely to make a claim against your insurance for an auto accident, costing them money. But you can do something to offset this rate increase.

It's worth proving to your insurance company that this is not the case, and you can do that through a safe driver course. Considering applying to do one, but make sure your insurance company will offer a discount for completion before you do. This may depend on your state. Check with your state laws to find out whether your insurance company will have to give you a discount.

If you go to court for your speeding ticket, you may find that the judge will work with you on paying the fine and require you to take a safe driver course. Don't assume that this course will help your insurance, always check; If needed, you can take this course to satisfy the judge and take another one to get your insurance back down.

Next time you're tempted to go over the speed limit, decide whether it is really going to be worth it. For mor einformation, talk to an auto insurance company like Northeast Underwriters.


3 May 2016

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