What To Do After A Car Break-In

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A car break-in can result in multiple types of loss. There is usually damage to the vehicle, since thieves tend to take the easiest option and break the glass. Then, there is the property loss involved, which can range from items in the car to the removal of accessories, like a stereo. Finally, you have to deal with the loss of confidence in your car's security. Knowing what to do next is important to ensure you get the coverage you are owed.

Call and report

You do need to file a police report, even if the damage is only a broken window and even if nothing was stolen. In most cases, an officer will not respond directly unless the damage is exceptionally high or if the break-in is part of a larger slew of break-ins in a concentrated area. The reason is that your insurance may require a police report in order to cover the repair. If items were stolen, a report may also help you get them back eventually. In some cases, you can make a report online or over the phone, and in others you may need to go and make the report in person. Contact your local non-emergency police number to find out.

Contact your insurance agent

For a car break-in, your auto insurance company is your first insurance phone call. If you have comprehensive coverage, then it may cover the repair to the vehicle if the cost is greater than your deductible, but it may not help with the replacement of any stolen belongings. Auto insurance tends to only cover the vehicle and its accessories; so, for example, theft of a stereo system or the hubcaps will be covered, but not your laptop. Contact a company like Central Florida Insurance Agency of Town 'N' Country for more information.

For the belongings, you will need to contact your home or renters insurance company, since these may cover your stuff even if it was in your car. Keep in mind both auto and home insurance will have a deductible, so if the loss or damage is less than your deductible, you will need to pay for everything out of pocket.

Protect your identity

Hopefully there was nothing too valuable in your car, like credit cards, check books, or even bank statements. If there was, you will need to call and cancel all accounts immediately. If items with personal information like a name, birth date, or social security number were lost, identity theft can also be a concern. You must contact one of the three credit reporting agencies and place an alert on your profile so that no new accounts can be opened without your knowledge.

Verify your home security

Another commonly stolen item from a car break-in is your garage door opener, or even a spare key to your home if you keep one in your car. Equipped with this and your address, which the thief can get off your car registration, they can break into your home later. If either of these items were stolen, make sure to change your locks on your home and reprogram your opener to a new code.

Feel more secure in the future

Make sure to never leave valuables in your car. If you must do so, make sure they are stowed away in such a manner so that they can't be seen from outside of the vehicle. This includes storing charging cords and adapters, since a thief may see these and assume that the device is also in the car. You may also want to add an alarm system to your vehicle, which can help scare off a thief. Such a system may also lower your insurance premiums. Contact an auto insurance agent for more information.  


15 May 2016

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