Protect Your Hair Styling Business With These Insurance Tips

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If you've been styling hair for some time as a hobby and are thinking of taking it full-time and making it a business, you have to start thinking about insurance. Insurance can help protect your finances if anything should go wrong. Use these tips as guidance when investigating what kind of business insurance is best for you.

Start with Liability Insurance

The most basic kind of insurance you'll need is general liability. Physical harm and property damage are covered in this kind of policy. For example, if you accidentally leave hair bleach in too long, resulting in chemical burns, you'll need this kind of insurance.

This is especially helpful to you if you style hair in people's homes and aren't yet working out of a salon. If your flat iron damages a bathroom counter or you spill some product that damages a carpet, this kind of insurance can help.

Consider Adding Insurance for "Errors and Omissions"

There will always be a client or two who is unhappy with a styling process and returns to complain about how their hair looks, even if you don't think you did anything wrong. That's why insurance for "errors and omissions" (sometimes called professional liability) can help you. This type of insurance can cover problems that might have been caused by clients; for instance, if someone is unhappy with their straightening treatment, there is no way to tell whether you did the treatment wrong or they put products in their hair that they shouldn't have. If they decide to file some sort of claim, errors and omissions insurance can provide you with some coverage.

Call Your Cosmetology Board

When you earned your license to style hair, you probably put the license somewhere and haven't thought about it since. However, in most states, hair stylists are required to have certain kinds of insurance in order to lawfully operate as a business. This information can typically be pulled up by doing an internet search for the cosmetology board regulations for your particular state, but it is a smarter idea to call them directly. The website might be outdated, and you need to be sure that you are getting the correct information so you can abide by those rules.

The information you've read here can give you some guidance when you go shopping for business insurance for your hair styling business. Consult a few of the business insurance agents in your town to see what options will help you the most. For more information, contact a business such as Harris Insurance Services.


12 August 2016

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