4 Ways To Keep Auto Insurance Cost Down

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Being able to have the right amount of car insurance in place is important. This can allow you to have the peace of mind you need while you're on the road. Finding effective ways to lower the amount of your coverage is ideal and will enable you to enjoy long-term savings. There are specific things you can do that will allow you to enjoy decreased auto insurance bills, and knowing what these things are can be helpful to you.

2 September 2016

Protect Your Hair Styling Business With These Insurance Tips

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If you've been styling hair for some time as a hobby and are thinking of taking it full-time and making it a business, you have to start thinking about insurance. Insurance can help protect your finances if anything should go wrong. Use these tips as guidance when investigating what kind of business insurance is best for you. Start with Liability Insurance The most basic kind of insurance you'll need is general liability.

12 August 2016

Having a Bar Mitzvah or Baptism? Get the Best Financial Gifts

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If you want to give a gift to a special person in your life that is getting baptized, having their Bar Mitzvah, or having some other type of religious ceremony, there are things you can consider doing besides just writing the child a check. You'll want to consider getting them something that will help them in the long term financially, something that can be like an investment. Here are a few of the options that may work for your particular recipient.

1 August 2016

Three Things to Expect When You Report a Stolen Car to Your Insurance Company

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If your vehicle has been stolen, you likely feel violated and frustrated. If you've never been through this before, you may be curious as to what to expect from your insurance company. Below are three things to keep in mind when reporting theft to your insurance company and a few tips on how to handle it. You'll Be a Prime Suspect In order to protect themselves from fraud, your insurance company will likely consider you the prime suspect in your vehicle's disappearance.

27 July 2016

Life Insurance Basics: Key Terms To Understand

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 Before you purchase life insurance, you need to understand the different terms. Understanding the different life insurance terms will help you find the right type of insurance for your needs and help you understand the differences in pricing. Here's a look at the basic key terms that you need to understand right now. Term Life Insurance Term insurance is for a specific period (known as a term). You can set that when you purchase the insurance, whether it is for 15 years, 20 years or even 30 years.

20 July 2016

Insurance And The Stored Car: What Should You Do?

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Do you have a summer driver – a car you only use during the summer months but park for winter, or vice versa? If so, you may be paying to much for your auto insurance if you keep it covered year-round. The following guide can help you determine the best insurance strategy for your specific needs. Insurance options When it comes to insuring your vehicle during the off-season when it isn't being driven, you have three main options:

6 June 2016

What To Do After A Car Break-In

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A car break-in can result in multiple types of loss. There is usually damage to the vehicle, since thieves tend to take the easiest option and break the glass. Then, there is the property loss involved, which can range from items in the car to the removal of accessories, like a stereo. Finally, you have to deal with the loss of confidence in your car's security. Knowing what to do next is important to ensure you get the coverage you are owed.

15 May 2016